MACK by Mackmyra Swedish Whisky 40% vol. 0,70l

MACK by Mackmyra Swedish Whisky 40% vol. 0,70l


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MACKMYRA consists of two words. MACK means Mosquito and MYRA means wet ground. For 500 years, the name has stood for a place between two rivers. The farmers there used to use water power and built a rolling mill and an ironworks. Because of the small delta and the surrounding lowlands, there is a lot of wet land near the fields and forests. It is the perfect habitat for the small white mosquitoes. Especially at the end of August they like to dance in the evening lights. This single malt stands for good craftsmanship and the fine Swedish ingredients. Enjoy the MACK Whisky pure, as a component in the cocktail or “on the Rocks”.

Alcohol: 40.0%.
capacity: 0,7 l