Mackmyra Kreatör Jin 47,3% vol. 0,50l

Mackmyra Kreatör Jin 47,3% vol. 0,50l


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Kreatör Jin is a special gin of the Scandinavian whisky size Mackmyra. Selected ingredients were used for the gin: Juniper, grapefruit, lemon, orange, cardamom, lime, bitter orange, coriander, vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, elderberry, pink pepper, anise, raspberry and cranberry. The Kreatör Jin has green scents, like coniferous forest, berries, paired with citrus notes, spices and a touch of bourbon vanilla. The taste is very powerful with juniper, spices, a hint of wild berries and fresh juicy citrus notes. The finish is long and citrus-fresh with a spicy note.

Alcohol: 47,3%.
capacity: 0,5 l