S. T. Dupont “Le Grand” with combi flame Chinese lacquer brown # 23012

S. T. Dupont “Le Grand” with combi flame Chinese lacquer brown # 23012

Stone ignition with wide flame + jet flame

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The right fire ignites real enjoyment.
The stylish lighting of delicious cigars requires a lot of practice and especially the right lighter. The aficionado therefore pays attention to a lighter that literally ignites and supports the right enjoyment.
The beauty of the fire is again in the latest innovation of the house S.T. perplexed. Dupont:
LE GRAND S.T. DUPONT. The double flame lighter is slightly larger than the classic line 2 and has a revolutionary flame system.
The dancing soft double flame gently heats up the cigar, the powerful torch flame slowly stirs the cigar’s foot with a perfect heat gyration with evenly rotating motions, before bringing the cigar to glow with a light, quiet pull.

What is Chinese paint?
The raw material for Chinese lacquer is extracted from the resinous, gray-white milky bark secretion of the Chinese lacquer tree. In a demanding process with many different steps, the obtained color is applied. It is characterized by special hardness and high resistance.

– unique double flame
– Soft double flame
– Torch flame

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