S.T. Dupont Place Vendome Fountain Pen *Limited Edition*

S.T. Dupont Place Vendome Fountain Pen *Limited Edition*


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S.T. Dupont Place Vendome Fountain Pen *Limited Edition*

Place Vendôme
Paris, the eternal city of light, is enriched by romantic walks, such as the banks of the Seine or the Pont des Arts, its literary quarters. such as Saint-Germain-des-Pres, his houses in the gray Haussmann-style house and its many internationally known squares.

Commissioned by King Louis XIV and designed by Jules Hardouin-Mansart, the architect of the Palace of Versailles, Place Vendome stands out for its majestic proportions and distinctive symmetry, as well as its unique octagonal shape. A multitude of sophisticated sculptures decorate the sand-colored stone of his buildings. It is also one of the most emblematic places of 17th century French architecture.

After his victory at Austerlitz at the beginning of the 19th century, Napoleon enriched the square with the construction of the Vendome column, which was made of bronze by cannons that had left the Austrians after the battle.

S. T. Dupont engraved a quote from Napoleon in every palladium cap and barrel: “Impossible n’est pas Francais” (Impossible is not French). Each Place Vendome pen has eight hematite stones that are put into the cap by hand and an individualized serial number of the 1,810 pieces produced worldwide.

S. T. Dupont shows a true dedication to craftsmanship and quality, transforming everyday quality writing instruments and lighters into works of art and family heirlooms.

Founded more than 140 years ago, S.T. Dupont has a rich history associated with royal families and the aristocracy. However, a strong connection to the past does not mean that the brand adheres to a proven strategy. In fact, it is a dedication to innovation that has enabled them to be one of the leading luxury manufacturers for almost a century and a half.

Thanks to the organic development of its product line, S.T. Dupont officially specializes in four areas – lighters, pens, leather goods and accessories – and has each of these products labeled “The Art of Fire”, “The Art of Writing”, “The Art of Traveling” and “The Art of Seduction.”