S. T. Dupont SLIM 7 black matt / chrome # 027710

S. T. Dupont SLIM 7 black matt / chrome # 027710


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The dark lighter of the world.
S. T. Dupont continues to expand its collection of luxury lighters with its latest model Slim 7. This model is the most beautiful luxury in the world of lighters.
This is an ultra-thin, technologically convincing lighter with a clear design.
The extremely light weight of 45 grams and the unique thin shape (only 7 mm thick) guarantees easy handling and makes it a perfect companion on any occasion. Even the smallest ladies handbag is no challenge for the Slim 7.
The windproof flame Jetflamme runs the complete work perfectly. It is practical for everyday use and an eye-catcher on special occasions. It will not only be the female fans, but also the lighters that focus on the design.
The Slim 7 is once again a perfect combination of design and functionality.

– 7 mm flat
– only 45 g
– flat jet flame

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