S.T. Dupont snake lighter mouth L2 #016069

S.T. Dupont snake lighter mouth L2 #016069


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S. T. Dupont snake lighter open mouth L2 # 016069

This limited edition lighter is inspired by the Chinese zodiac. The Chinese Year, 2013, is the Year of the Snake!
The snake is a mysterious creature that has sparked the interest of many people. In Chinese culture, this animal is a symbol of kindness, wisdom and happiness.
This version of the lighter features an open mouth snake modeled in white bronze that was later silver plated.
The black Chinese paint adds a touch of elegance to this handcrafted lighter. Two green tsavorite gems are placed on the snake’s eyes.

Material: Chinese lacquer & silvered white bronze
Stones: tsavorite gemstones
Limited Edition: Only 88 pieces produced worldwide

The Tsvavorite gemstone
The Tsavorite also often called Tsavolith is considered exotic among the gemstones because of its extraordinary rarity. There are very few sites and mining areas in the world. Stones of more than 3 carats are rarely found. The few finds come from so-called secondary deposits. Goldsmiths, jewelers and gemstone lovers are increasingly seeing tsavorite as a substitute stone for the emerald. The tsavorite has some advantages over the emerald. For example, it is not as shock-sensitive as the emerald and can therefore be used very well as jewelry. So, if you’re using a tsavorite you do not need to be as careful as an emerald.

Tsavorite gemstones are very pure and bright and therefore so popular with collectors and jewelry lovers. They are usually a little more vivid and brilliant than the emerald. In addition, the tsavorites are much rarer than the emeralds. The emerald, on the other hand, is almost a universal rock. The tsavorite is a mostly light green gemstone and is a garnet of the Grossulargruppe. The name of the tsavorite was drawn from the jewelry company Tiffany. The color of the tsavorite is due to the chromium and vanadium inside the stone. The lively green of tsavorite is unique in the world of gemstones. The tsavorite is not burned and usually comes in untreated form in the trade.

Burning the stone does not improve the quality. Therefore, this method is not applied. Tsavorite is mined world-wide only in East Africa, in the borderland of Kenya and Tanzania. That is why he is so rare and sought after. There are very rare specimens of over 5 carats in the trade, because the individual crystals of tsavorite are very small. Especially in China the tsavorite is very popular and is becoming more and more popular. For this reason, the price has also risen sharply in the past. The tsavorite in good quality and purity does not need to shy away from the comparison with the well-known emerald.